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We Are Currently Limited

The coronavirus pandemic has changed several narratives in the world since 2019 when it struck the world. This has affected many businesses and organisations, thereby creating a new order in the way things take place. This has been the new reality to battle with, as several things are now on hold. With the pandemic, many businesses now have to run their activities virtually, and movements have been restricted. This is to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread arbitrarily. The government has put in place certain regulations to ensure that there is a reduced activity, thereby reducing the spread of the virus and keeping the populace safe.

The virus has had impacts on our activities. Seeing as some of our activities require physical gathering such as our events, we have had to postpone these events in line with the regulations of the government. For now, you cannot visit the islands for boat cruises, as such activities have currently been suspended. Our activities often gather thousands of people, and this is against the current government regulations.

So, if you have been looking towards planning your boat cruise in the holidays, we would like you to know that we are not currently operating on that end till the virus subsides. Pending the period while things get back to normal, we are working on activities through which we can keep our community engaged.

Our team is currently working at a high rate to ensure that we make plans for the period post-Coronavirus. This is to ensure that, once we are back in operations, we unleash a host of ideas and innovations that we have been working on to ensure you get amazing experiences during your boat cruises.

We remain your leading platform for planning your travels and getting the best locations for your boat cruises. Our platform remains open for you to learn about the different locations, and even prepare for your next boat cruise once the pandemic is over. We are also constantly available, and if you have any questions or clarifications to make, you can reach out to us.

Stay Safe

The major thing to do while the pandemic persists is to protect yourself. To ensure that the virus subsides and things can go back to normal, everyone must assume responsibility and observe the safety procedures. It is essential to wear a mask and not go to crowded places. This is how we can beat Covid-19 together. Currently, there isn’t a cure for the virus, and as such, prevention is the major strategy.

This makes it important to observe the safety guidelines that have been published by the government. Also, if there’s no need to go out, you should stay indoors and run all your activities or business virtually. Your safety is crucial at this point, and it is essential that you prioritise it.

How The Government Is Responding?

The government is currently at the forefront of fighting the virus. There have been several policies and regulations made to address the issue. The government has also provided a stimulus to families to help absorb the shock caused by the pandemic. The government is also working on the vaccine and ensuring that it makes it available for the citizens once all certifications have been done.