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1904 SS/MV Wairus

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The SS/MV Wairua is the other “twin” to the Waiora as both were built at the same time. Produced in 1904 by the veteran Yarrow Shipbuilders, the Wairua has passed through phases and change and modification processes till date.

Although it was originally a steamer, the Wairua was remade in 1913 into a motor vessel. However, for a number of reasons, the Wairua had to be taken out of service in 1937. The interim was modified to serve as a fender to the larger Waione to prevent it from sinking into the mud while berthing at Hatrick’s Wharf. Eventually, the Waione was sold, and the Wairua could not continue in this role as fender. This rendered the boat useless for quite some time. Long periods of lying fallow made it sink into the mud in the sixties.

It took the concerted efforts of a group of locals in the late eighties to salvage and restore the Wairua. This restoration process was quite thorough and detailed; it took almost two decades. The Wairua was launched back in 2006.

The renovated and remodelled Wairua has been equipped with state-of-the-art boating facilities and engines. Some key qualities stand the Wairua out; these include the following:


The Wairua has particularly been noted for having exceptional speed amongst all other boats of its specification and age. The boat has been equipped to not only be a motor vessel but a fast one indeed. The original make of the boat was made to be what we refer to today as a jet boat. And those who undertook the remodeling of the Wairua built this quality back into the boat.

This is mainly why the boat has been used for many races; in fact, it has been made to compete with other more powerful boats, all the while delivering quality performance.

A fast boat is important for quality cruising experience. Ideally, you will not like to go on your boat cruise on a slow boat; on your cruise, you will most likely want to go to as many places as possible – and a fast boat will be the best for you. This exactly is what the Wairua provides you. Furthermore, if you are predisposed to racing with boats, you should look no further than the Wairua as it has been tested repeatedly and has always delivered a commendable performance.


One other notable feature of the Wairua is that it is very much convertible to multiple purposes and designs. The boat started as a steamer and used in oil and gas operations; overtime, it has been used as a motor vessel, a fender for a larger vessel, and a speedboat and much more.

This convertibility is due to the boat’s unique configurations that make it easy to adapt to whatever purpose desired. Want a flexible, convertible boat? Then, take a look at the Wairua.