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1908 MV Waireka

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The 1908 Waireka was sold to Mr Davey for the purpose of transporting wool across different places. The boat served this purpose for a long period before it changed ownership. The boat changed ownership quite a number of times. The ownership went from one person to the other. This went on until the year 1985 when the boat was sold off to Vance Crozier. Crozier used the boat for different purposes and used it across different rivers. At a point, he moved the boat to the Waikato river to attract new customers and render services accordingly. This exposed the boat to more usage, which tested its durability.

By 1998, new safety regulations had emerged which necessitated that the boat be amended to meet the requirements of the regulations. As a result of this, the boat had to be taken to the factory where it would be fixed. Its bottom needed to be made thicker so that it would pass the assessment of the new obligations. Without meeting the demands of the regulation, it will be impossible for the boat to work on the rivers. This means that the services rendered will be hindered.

As such, the boat had to be sent to the factory for the relevant repair to get it in the right condition. This was done, and the boat was sent back subsequently to continue its services across rivers. The Waireka was known for a few features which accounted for why it could adequately serve its needs. Some of these features are as follows.


The boat was durable, which accounted for why it could transport wool from different locations to the other. The durability of the boat was a fact to consider when people were buying it. A commercial boat must be durable so that it can match the market needs. This way, it can transport even heavy goods, thereby making it possible for the company to serve various customers.

The Waireka had an impressive durability level through which it was able to remain relevant. The boat has gone through restoration stages and is now by Shane and Ngaire. The several restoration stages were to get the boat to the right condition that will serve modern times’ needs. 


The boat could serve different purposes. While at a point, some used it to transport wool and other goods across different locations, at other times, it was used for recreational purposes. The boat went through different ownership, and the owners were the ones to determine the best thing to do with the boat. This way, the boat was used for different purposes.

This is largely due to the fact that the boat was designed to match various needs. This made it versatile and able to operate based on different needs. The boat was used to go on excursions to different parks. If you were looking to visit a park, you could go by boat. This went a long way in being a recreational avenue.