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Alexander Hatrick

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Alexander Hatrick is a household name when it comes to shipping and boats. Born in Smythesdale, Hatrick developed an interest in shipping and engaged in inter-colonial trade across various places. He is one of the important names when it comes to shipping, as his interests led to the development of vessels, boats, and other transportation means through which he was able to facilitate the movement of goods from one place to the other. The establishment developed into a bigger platform that provided services to a wide range of people for a long period. His vessels plied rivers including the Whanganui River. 

When Patrick died, the company he had set up continued providing services to people and transporting goods through the vessels. The company went from one management to the other. At one point, it was being supervised and handled by the family, then later the management went over to Ronald Hatrick, who was Alexander’s youngest son. The management ensured that the business went on. The aim was to widen the company and expand its reach to offer services to other places that had not been covered. The company continued to operate under the name A. Hatrick Co for a long period before it changed to Whanganui Rivers Services Ltd. 

However, the company soon started dwindling and witnessed some backward moves. Due to proper sustenance and foresight, the company started to lack in certain key things. The vessels started getting old and needed replacement. At this point, it was crucial that the vessels should be replaced. There are certain issues that fixing cannot solve, but replacement. Vessels and other shipping equipment can only go on for so long. There is a point at which replacement becomes necessary. However, this was not done, and that point marked the point of decline for the company.

This decline was amplified by the death of Ronald Hatrick, which was due to a chronic illness. Following Patrick’s death, the management was in a bad shape and could not shock absorb the problems that the company was facing. Consequently, the company could no longer offer services as it should.

The vessels had become weak and were no longer fit for the purpose for which they were bought. It is notable that some of the boats of the company are still in existence. These boats are currently under private ownership until day, even though they no longer operate as a boat company.

Another factor contributing to the end of the company was the Pirikiri house that got burnt down in 1959. This spurred the end of the company, as that act affected the services and operations of the company. Essentially, the Hatrick family contributed to the development of the shipping industry.

It was a family that had a shipping company on operation that served a wide range of places before it ended. The family passed on the management of the company from Alexander to the family and to Ronald. This was how the company was structured till its end.