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Seasons in New Zealand

Know The Weather Conditions

There are various seasons in New Zealand, which makes it important that you understand the best time to make a visit. A common joke among locals in New Zealand is to say that one can witness about four different climate conditions in New Zealand. This is because the climate varies as it desires, and there can be various weather conditions in a year. As such, it is crucial that you know the best periods to plan your boat cruise. This way, you can make informed decisions about your boat cruise. If you are looking to plan your boat cruise, consider reading this to get insights into the weather conditions.

During summer, the Northern part of New Zealand has subtropical weather. On the other hand, the South has cold temperatures which often runs to about 10°C during winter. You should know that a good part of the country tilts towards the coast and often has mild temperatures all year round. With this in mind, the warmest months are often January and February while the coldest is often July.

As such, if you want to plan your boat cruise, you need to consider this pattern of the weather to ensure that you make smart decisions, and get all you need to make the most of the experience. You can always keep tabs on the weather conditions of New Zealand by using the weather chart.

What Is The Weather Like In New Zealand?

Irrespective of the period you visit, you should understand that the weather conditions in New Zealand switch at will. The weather can change at any period irrespective of the planning you have put in to get the best weather. However, with adequate planning, you can get a period where these risks are minimised. Here is what the weather condition looks like.


A good number of places across Australia get over 2000 hours of worth of sunshine all year round. This means that several parts of New Zealand are potent with sunshine. Many of these bays are some of the sunniest places in New Zealand. Some of these places receive sunlight of over 2, 350 hours. During the summer when the sunlight is highly potent, some of these places can get sunlight up to about 9:30 pm in the night.

The sunlight here is sharp and can quickly burn the skin. As such, you have to prepare all you need not to get hurt by the sun. Get your shades and clothing materials. Also, when the sun is out, always try to get to shaded places so that the sun doesn’t burn your skin.


The rainfall level in NZ is at a moderate rate. The rain often cuts across the year at a moderate level. Across the Northern land, there is more rainfall during winter than in summer. The least rainfall often comes during winter. 


Snow is known to often appear from the months of June through to October. It can sometimes appear outside these months though.

When Is The Best Time To Visit New Zealand

You’ll find more people visiting NZ during the summer because the weather is often warm, which makes for a fine period to visit the islands. During this period, people arrive from overseas to enjoy their boat cruises.